Party's and Functions

Party's and functions are about those present having an risk free, enjoyable & happy time with friends and other guests.
Those planning parties and special event functions have enough on their plate organising things without having to be concerned with things on the night and this is where we can assist you.
Our male and female SIA badged staff are experienced with such surroundings and can either show a presence or blend in until needed. None of our operatives are the 'bouncer' type, but instead they would meet and great guests, if there is a guest list, we would ensure only those on it, gain entry, if it is a ticket only party, we would ensure that those who enter have such tickets and should the time come when a ticket is forgotten or they do not have one, then a person designated by the organiser would be contacted to clarify entry or not. All staff will be dressed accordingly, shirt and tie or polo shirt, black trousers and black shoes/boots.