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Covid Marshalling

Using previous experience assisting local Council and organisers of private events at the beginning of the Covid 19 pandemic we provide Covid marshals to advise and support members of the public and businesses on following social distancing rules and how to best go about the day ensuring safety is paramount and an individuals welfare is top of the list of priorities.

Events and Festivals

Criminal attacks have proved the critical importance of proper event safety and security planning.
Sporting events, festivals, concerts, conferences and fundraisers by their very nature attract various numbers in crowds and may also become targets for crimes such as theft, robbery, assault and the ever increasing risk of terrorism.
We have experienced male and female SIA officers available to cater for your every need and we also have suitable and capable stewards and Marshals.
We are able to provide up to thirty licensed security officers and as many marshals/stewards if required for any one event regardless of duration and location in the UK. Smaller teams can be prepared for overseas contracts if your events tour Europe.

Commsec +

COMMSEC + is  'COMMunity SECurity Plus'
For a small one off affordable and reallistic monthly fee we an provide you with reassurance that assistance is only a call away. Going on holiday or a period of time away from home? Not a problem, we can have you on our 'vacation list'.
This package is ideal for every homeowner, tenant, business owner or manager

Trespasser Evictions

When people arrive on sites and appear to be staying, it can cause great concern for the landowner, local residents and businesses with the threat of untidyness, anti social behaviour and in some circumstances a rise in crime.
Not all trespassers should be labeled the same but throwing caution to the wind it is always better than wishing you had. We can assist you.

Keyholding & Response

Our keyholding and alarm/camera activation response officer will attend any call outs and only inform your point of contact if absolute necassary. Otherwise you will be notified by tel/con or email the following day if nothing discovered was deemed urgent. We can also check on sites, locations and void properties to ensure that all is how it should be and nothing has been entered or tampered with.
Due to the ongoing and increased risk towards staff opening up early or securiing premises late in the evening or possibly during a weekend, we provide a service to eliminate the risk to your staff by us attending and unlocking/locking for you and if arranged, we can stay on site until more staff arrive or until the last person leaves.

Partys and Functions

Partys and functions are all about those present having an risk free, enjoyable and happy time with other guests or friends. Our success to date has been the benefit of referrals and word of mouth which has been greatly appreciated and also the reason behind those organisers becoming our clients and using our services again.

Door Supervision

Our current team of licensed male and female Door Supervisors have the ability to work as part of a 2 x DS team or a larger DS team depending on the requirements. From wine bars to busy nightclubs, from small bars to larger venues. We can assist you with what you need to have the duration pass safely enabling your staff and visitors to feel safe.

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

How safe is your conversations and actions in the workplace, and at home. Using state of the art technology we can attend your home, workplace or vehicle and completely check for any visual or listening devices to enhance your confidence of security and what you say or do doesnt fall into the hands of competitors or those wanting to know more about you or what you do. It's true what they say 'walls do have ears'.
Whatever the reason of your concern, by contacting us and arranging a complete 'bug' sweep you are moments away from complete confidence.
 This service is not cheap, but how much do you value your privacy and one thing we guarantee, is that everything is in strict confidence between ourselves and you, the client.

Manned Guarding

We can provide guards to assist with any short fall of your staffing and we can also provide regular male and female SIA Licensed officers directly to our current and new clients, plus on a sub contract basis for the duration of the contract(s).
With having high standards we ensure that all staff are professionaly dressed, of smart appearance and capable to complete the tasks required.

Contacting us by phone, email or in person, you are one step closer to reassurance.

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