Our Core Services


By using AJ-Security you can be assured that all officers operate with an open mind while ensuring the safety of your staff, the customers and the venue. All this enables a reassuring atmosphere where everything is covered and how it should be.


ny location can be secured and  with the aid of CCTV or safety camera’s it can be monitored and should there be any intrusion or incident, we can respond to it.

Manned Guarding

Using over 30 years of experience in the field of Security we utilise the qualities gained to ensure our area of operations is kept secure during our time on site. Each officer is more than capable of working alone or as a team depending on the situation. Twenty four hour cover or during silent hours.


In today's society there are many opportunists and undesirables which prey on the vulnerable properties and secluded properties. AJ-Security can provide signage that to warn off anyone intent on crime and we can also keep your address on our list of interests.


Perimeter signage can be put in place to protect your assets from todays undesirables and criminals. Warning signs are the deterrent and lets intruders know that we have an interest in your site.

Site Evictions

AJ-Security can assist with serving Notices on unwanted guests to your land and if still required, removing them from your private land. Don’t throw your money away and put yourself or others at risk while trying to do the task yourself. Contact AJ-Security and we’ll deal with things professionally and very often the trespasser(s) will have vacated within 24/48 hours. Leaving you to secure the location so things do not happen again.


Private parties are very stressful to organise and one of the concerns is that everything goes as planned and nothing spoils the occasion. AJ-Security provide reassurance that everything will be fine using our years of experience.

Key Holding
Why be concerned about the welfare of your employees opening up or closing down the property/site. We can attend for you and also attend any intruder activations to save you being disturbed during the silent hours or weekends, leaving you to enjoy time with family and friends.
Electronic Safety Measures

How sure are you that what you say, plan or propose is falling on safe ears or not being spied on. The answer is you cannot. Do you work in an industry with secrets, do you work with the risk of threats? How secure is your home, vehicle, work place and/or mobile phone? You can never be sure and those who are concerned, should get in touch with us soon to arrange the next step.



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