AJ-Security are here and available to protect and reassure all clients throughout Cumbria, that we have their interests as a priority and with the company owner being involved in the security industry since 1989 he has a vast amount of local knowledge, experiences and information which he shares with the team to ensure that everything is done to the best of their 'our' ability.
  Since forming and launching AJ-Security we have spread our wings further than the County and now provide security on a National level for events and festivals.
  Always seeking to assist and protect more Commercial and Residential property owners, tenants and landlords, so that the increasing list of todays 'undesirables' are deterred or prevented from targetting these buildings, locations and damaging more livelihoods.

Give us a call on 01900 368777 or use the contact form and we'll help you feel safer with the knowledge that an established company who cares has a presence and is only a call away to assist you.

Going on holiday or a long weekend and concerned about your property. Not a problem, contact us and we'll do our damdest to ensure it remains safe. If you want reassurance 24/7 everyday, then contact us to find out more about our CommSec+ package which is only a small and affordable monthly payment.
Adrian Kirkbride (Kirky)
Company owner



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