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Services provided include:



: Events,

: Venues,

: Properties

: Places of work

: Functions,

: Locations,

: Sites,


Vehicle tracking,

Traveller evictions,

Manned guarding,

Intruder response,

Perimeter signage,

Document courier,

Close Protection.

About us

Combining more than 60 years of operating in the security field, our three handlers of operations have your interests at heart and by utilising our team of offiers we're ensuring what you recieve is the best service available and that no stone is left unturned doing things to the best of our ability. No big words, no Hi-Tech jargon or waffle, we just talk straight and keep things simple, expected and effective.


By choosing us you can be assured that determined & licenced Security officers with local knowledge will have your interests on top of the list and whichever service you decide to benefit from, you will not be disappointed. Using our experiences gained over valuable years operational, your venue, property, site, home or location will be protected from todays undesirables who prey on the the vulnerable, the successful and possibly the complacent.

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Electronic Defence &

Protection Services

Answer these truthfully:


Can you be curious?

Do you prefer to be cautious?

Do you work with money?

Do you have secrets?

Do you hold business meetings?

Do you use communcations?

Are you at risk of being tracked?

Do you have competitors?


If you answer 'Yes' to any of the above questions then you need to be confident that interference to your electronic means of communication and your life or business is zero, while also eliminating the possibility of becoming a victim of covert cameras/trackers and listening devices.....

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Small team, big results

By ultising our experienced team of management we operate staff effectively in all areas of concern providing a professional service for valued requests:

Intruder response,

Camera activations,

Manned guarding,

Venue security,

Location protection,

Effective detection of threats that may monitor your work and personal life whether it be hacking, tapping, tracking or covert cameras transmitting your every move to those interested in you and your life or business.

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You can contact our team using any of the methods listed below:

Email: covered@aj-security.com

Mobile: 07989912022

Office: 01900368777

With us being ideally located in Maryport, you can visit us by vehicle using our free car parking facility, you can travel by bus or train because arriving by either method is close to our office.

If you have any queries or would like to organise an appointment, you may prefer to complete the form below and we'll respond during normal office hours.

Thank you,

AJ-Security team


'Preparation, experience & professionalism coupled with dedication, help lead the way'.